Reflection Paper On Leadership Activities

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The leadership activities I have been able to observe, participate in, and help to lead are as follow. Several times I observe others in communication, pastoral, spiritual care, leadership training, engagement in diversity as in preaching, and in the handling of conflict. Other areas I observe others are in performing of water baptism, officiation of wedding, child dedication, and chaplaincy training. From my early adulthood, I have always had the privilege and opportunity to lead others in different ministry settings. I have lead and practiced my skills in serving small groups with children, youth, and women on a weekly basis. I have also lead and participated in providing pastoral and spiritual care through counseling, funeral, home visits, and hospital visitations. Practicing my leadership roles include my participation in several tasks. I have assisted with the process of directing individuals in preparation for baptism and have served in printing their baptism certificates. I have also assisted them as they get out of the water, handed them dry towel, and lead them to the dressing areas. I have partaken in the counseling of individual in various areas as well. Some of the areas are in premarital, married, domestic abuse, physical abuse, child sexual abuse, drug abuse, and alcoholic abuse cases. Using my skill to teach, pray, and make suggestions to the people that I am serving in a professional manner have also been effective in my leadership

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