Reflection Paper On Leadership Styles

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Much like everyone else, my leadership style has been shaped by my past experiences. Ironically, resident military education or formal university education has been a very limited factor. My business education put a label to what I’ve been doing for the past few years, but to be perfectly honest I don’t even remember what the labels were. Primarily my leadership style has been shaped by my experiences interacting with all my supervisors since I started working. Over time I have learned that there are a variety of different approaches to take with subordinates to properly manage them. Over time my primary leadership style has changed, hopefully for the better. I’ve also learned there is a time and a place for different approaches; no one person responds to every leadership style in the same way. The military is the first time that I’ve been directly or indirectly in charge of individuals. I came in to the military later than most individuals, but not necessarily for military intelligence. I joined when I was twenty-three, after I had graduated college and worked for approximately a year. Due to joining a little later, I, hopefully, was a little more mature than the standard eighteen-year-old soldier. The standard leadership style for Noncommissioned Officers, NCOs, in Training and Doctrine Command environments, specifically Initial Entry Training, IET, platoon sergeants and especially drill sergeants, is direct and highly aggressive micromanagement. I absolutely
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