Reflection Paper On Learning Disability

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I begin the interview by introducing myself in addition to explaining the purpose of the interview. I informed Lauren that this interview will be recorded, transcribed and both the disability and interview experience will be presented in class. I asked if she was comfortable with these conditions, also letting her know if at any time she feel uncomfortable to answer any type of questions, she is under no obligations to answer them. I started the recording and the interview by asking her a brief basic personal information, which includes age, where is she living and if she considered herself as disable. Once we established that she considered herself as slightly disable, to better understand why, I asked her if she can describe on what she meant. She implied that her learning disability affects her work performances, and her mental disability affects mostly on her social participations. She explained make mistakes at work, being easily overwhelmed which cause her coworkers to avoid her, and how she would avoid interacting with her coworkers when she is depress.
For the reason that she has both learning disability and mental disorder, I felt strongly to understand her childhood. I wanted to know about her living environment and her parents’ roles in her life. I was also curious about her earliest memory, and whether she thought it was positive or negative. As she begins to describe her childhood, I had the impression that her childhood was mostly neglected, she was often
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