Reflection Paper On Lts Mentor

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I decided to do my LTS mentor paper on my brother, Tim Doyle. Tim has been one of my closest friends all my life and has been very successful in his work, his athletic career, and his academic career. I look to Tim for advice on many things all the time, and he usually has some sort of advice to give me that usually ends up helping. I interviewed Tim and gathered his answers to many different questions that relate mostly to his leadership ability and skills, along with his lifestyle choices that he makes on a daily basis. I asked him questions regarding his leadership skills, what he’s learning now, people and things that have helped and motivate him in the past, and lifestyle choices. Tim’s leadership strengths include having a good understanding of how people are feeling and how to deal with people based on how and what they are feeling. He finds that this skill allows him to communicate and connect better with people. Tim is currently learning how to better problem solve and conceptualize things that he doesn’t quite understand. By doing this he is able to figure more things out, as well as ultimately becoming more efficient in what he does. When asked who he thinks of when hearing the word successful, he started to talk about his Grandma. Our grandma never really had much money or material objects, but always surrounded herself with loved ones and indulged in activities that she loved to do. When she worked, she worked a low paying job, but loved it. She never
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