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Reflections Mary had mentioned many goals such as, having a better relationship with her family, attending support groups, seeing a physician and starting treatment. I then tried to help Mary include her past sexual partners and how she would inform them. However, Mary was not content with the suggestion and stated she was not comfortable. It was difficult for me to hear Mary say she did not want to inform her sexual partners. I immediately saw this as a threat to others and worried about the disease spreading more due to her lack of education and readiness. I then had to ask Mary if she was planning on having sexual intercourse after being aware of her disease. Her response was no which I found that as a relief and an opportunity to help her receive more education on HIV. In working with Mary I was able to identify the need of ethical principles I had to practice in order to help her. Mary was not ready to discuss her situation and clearly state that she was HIV +. Our first session was difficult because Mary did not feel comfortable sharing her diagnosis with me or her family. I knew that in order for Mary to open up and really get the help she needed I had to stress that I was not going to judge her. Throughout our sessions I believe I did a pretty good job at remaining non-judgmental verbally and nonverbally. I also think it helped Mary out a lot and she was able to see that no matter what she shared with me I was not going to put her down or stop helping her. Adriana
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