Reflection Paper On Math And Science

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1. In the autobiographical statement that I completed at the beginning of this semester, I wrote about the mostly positive experiences that I have had throughout my schooling and the importance of math and science. I was lucky enough to have some science and math teachers that really seemed to care about our success, and made sure to make themselves accessible for help. The experiences that I have had that were negative in school were typically in middle and high school with teachers that simply lectured, and failed to guide us in any way. They did not create an environment that was positive or interactive. Based on my positive experiences as a student, I have been able to take some of their strategies with me in my own teaching such as being explicit and creating interactive activities. Our SPED 458 class has really helped to solidify my passion for math, and has given me a stronger interest in science. We have discussed various strategies to teach math and science, and make it more accessible for all students through differentiation. Many members of our class have introduced some interesting do now math problems that involved using various approaches to solving one problem. There were also many simple science ideas that have influenced me in a positive way, by making science teaching seem more possible and accessible for all students through experiments like growing bacteria, acids and bases, and candy science. The edible car activity and the gumdrop bridges, were great…

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