Reflection Paper On Mechanical Engineering

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I believe research is an extremely dynamic process. As time passes, certain areas of research are becoming more salient, while others require less attention. My areas of research are in mechanical systems and solid mechanics. My general research question is how the modeling and designing of components and systems can support engineers toward a sustainable design of products or systems in energy and transportation applications.
My primary research focuses on designing mechanical systems/components and investigating mechanical interactions between machine components. The treatments required a truly multidisciplinary research effort span the entire mechanical systems and solid mechanics spectrums of mechanical engineering. The research involved design, development, and experimental verifications of mechanical components and systems, and account for parameters that influence their interactions. My experience and knowledge has led me to expand my research to account for failure of machine components and systems with applications in automotive, aerospace, and oil and gas industries such as automotive brake systems and clutches, aircraft landing gears, and drilling downhole assembly.
For the past few years, I directed my research towered development of mechanical systems and devices for oil and gas industries. The research involve modeling the downhole assembly and fabricating systems/setups and mechanisms to imitate deep drilling (high temperature and high pressure drilling
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