Reflection Paper On Moral Values

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Reflective Essay (Morals) Morals and virtues have been a part of society and are pivotal to surviving in any culture. All over the world, people are raised differently and have different beliefs that ground them to their culture. Personally, growing up in a religious household I can see how that has affected me and the foundation that my morals are based on. I think that there are different cultures that have different morals and as difficult as it is to understand sometimes it is very important to respect their beliefs. That being said, it is important to strive to live under a moral code that I think is best. The vast variety of ethics and different moral beliefs can definitely cause awkwardness or make some situations uncomfortable depending on the clashing cultures. Although discussing morals can lead to awkward and uncomfortable situations, it is important to stick to your moral foundations and respect other cultures as best you can. Growing up in a moderately wealthy religious family in the United States, I had the ability to pick and choose which set of morals I followed. Although my family did play a huge rule in creating the foundation I live my life with, I was very free to decide which path I chose. As I grew up, the influence of my parents slowly began to lessen and the virtues I had learned from them began to mold me into the person I am today. I was also raised in a highly religious household. Even though I am slowly moving away from the church going Christian I once was, the morals they engrained into me are things I will hopefully never forget. The last and possibly most important ground was where I was raised. The suburb outside of Cleveland Ohio where I grew up wasn’t the worst place to be raised, but it has definitely changed my morals from the ones set by my parents and the church. Often times in school, I would have inner conflicts with the virtues set by my church, and the nefarious activities my friends and I would want to do. I think this is a part of growing up. This struggle has rounded my morals out leading me to be a good mix of both uptight and relaxed depending on the situation. Regardless of the journey to moral satisfaction, the goal of perfection should never leave your
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