Reflection Paper On My Personality

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This paper discusses my personality type and assesses how it applies to the workplace. It will explain my behavioral tendencies and how I can apply them to any organization. This paper will also explain how God’s plan for me changed the way that I know deal with organizational dynamics and the individuals that are coworkers, team members, and friends. This paper will highlight the results from the McGraw-Hill Connect assessment as they apply to my personality, core values, decision making, problem solving, and communication skills. Additionally, current employment satisfaction will be explored, along with my adaptability to change and manage and resolve conflict. This paper will explain both my strengths and weaknesses found through the…show more content…
I was a little shocked by the results of my emotional stability. Not because it was incorrect but that my true self; that of which I hide came through and displayed a part of me that I do not admit to many outside of myself. Lower levels of stability tend to be associated with one that is depressed, suffers from anxiety, takes risks and shows suicidal tendencies. Unfortunately, these too, are a part of my make-up. I also scored low on neuroticism. Though I am not moody, I do experience anxiety, a depressed mood, and loneliness. It seems as if this number would have been higher than four. Historically, neuroticism has been viewed as a genetically based trait. However, recent studies of gene–environment interactions that occur throughout the life span suggests there may be a more complex and dynamic etiology (Barlow, 2014). These studies concluded that biological and psychological factors contribute to the development of neuroticism and the relationship between neuroticism and the development of pathology, such as emotional disorders (Barlow, 2014). My results were low in both emotional stability and neuroticism; however, they are similar and related but perhaps are inherent traits and not traits that I have developed on my own. This was a lesson that will help me down the line when my life is exactly what I want it to be and I cannot seem to fathom why I am depressed and anxious. Perhaps in the future I will see this
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