Reflection Paper On My Second Reflection

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Introduction I choose the following questions or reflections to research for my second paper in Theology 104. The first question that I chose to reflect on was, did Jesus need to be born of virgin? Yes Jesus, in my opinion, did need to be born of a virgin. If Jesus had not been born of a virgin, we possibly would have not known of his existence because in the Bible it say’s Jesus was born of a virgin this makes him a God-Man, he is both a son of man and the son of God. If God had been born only as a son of God Jesus would not been able to do the things that he has done.
The second reflection is if a person is a Christian, does it matter how they live their life? As a Christian is does matter how they live their life because we are the Disciples of Jesus Christ, Christians live the way they do because we are commanded to do good works as Jesus would do good works.
The third reflection is what can our local Church’s do to better communicate God’s love to our Community? Well for starters my local church always prays at the first of the service, for our community. Prayers open the door to God and the people that are praying. We also do community evangelisms around our local town; we help others by giving them food for the holidays, clothes to those who either don’t have or have lost, and a safe place to stay in the wintry type weather. These are just a few of the ways my local church helps.
Did Jesus need to be born of a virgin? Yes, based on my biblical…
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