Reflection Paper On My Writing

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Mario Rebottaro
ENG 131.72
Nicole Brake

Reflection Essay
Throughout my semester in English 131, I have gained many improvements to both my writing skills and my writing process. One such improvement was making me think critically on my essays in both this class and another class where we had to write essays. On all of my later self-reviews, I constantly gave way below what I was eventually given, and that helped me so much, by changing my essays so much more than what I would have done originally. That is evident by how my grade has steadily gone up on each of my papers. The memoir that I first wrote was my first ever graded that was really beneficial to my grade, and I got a 44 out of 50. The next paper that I wrote was a profile, and I got the same grade on that as my memoir. The first improvement that I had was on the review essay, and that was only by one point above the other papers that I wrote. Lastly, the best improvement that I have had was with my final paper, a proposal essay. On that essay, I got a 49 out of 50, a major improvement to my other pieces of writing. One thing that has not improved by being in this class is my ability to proof-read and my spelling. I have never been good at noticing any spelling mistakes, only pieces in writing that does not flow or make sense. I have even noticed in my peer’s papers that I have reviewed that there are words that are misspelled and the professor has marked, and I wondered how I have missed them. That
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