Reflection Paper On Organization Change And Strategy

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1571477 Dr. Tracy Thompson MCL 560 Organizational Change and Strategy 7 June 2016 Reflection Paper To learn about organization change and strategy is something that I never thought I would need to learn. The concepts and different technics have been interesting to learn and practice. As I look back on the past 10 week I have to believe that I did learn about competitive advantage, change management, organization development and positive organization techniques. I know I learned more about team work and the need to have a team. I thought I knew what team work was because of my time in the military but it was not so. In the military we believe we are a group of people put together to come to a common goal. But in reality we are individual that have aligned ourselves with other that have taken the lead role. This is done through the positive change model we learned about in week 9. Even though I was not in the class I found the exercise very reassuring. I personally use the positive reinforcement for the people I have working with me. I know that when I was in the military the soldiers that I was in charge of knew when I was unhappy with their efforts. If I raised my voice they reacted with haste to accomplish the task I had put them too. They had learned that I would rather treat them with respect and understanding than with anger. As related in the article by Cameron and McNaughtan “Positive Organizational Change” we see that “studies have shown that organization in several
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