Reflection Paper On Pastoral Counseling

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The idea of “going to see a counselor” is sometimes seen as something shameful. The ideas of things getting so bad in your life that you need to go see a trained mental health professional is seen as humiliating. However a lot of people will be a lot more comfortable going to see a pastor with their troubles. When I become a pastor I know that I will be counseling many different people in many different situations. I need to remember that it is a battle for someone’s mind. I must be concerned with renewing their mind and helping them to change the way they think. My goal is to help God’s reality overcome their perception of reality. 2. Why Pastoral Counseling? As is true with anything I try to accomplish, I know that unless I truly believe it is valuable, I am not going to do it well. This is true of almost every area of life but especially true when it comes to ministry and specifically pastoral counseling. I often use to think of “counseling” as a secular practice for the mental health field. However, I know understand that secular counseling is very valuable but Christians are the only ones who truly have the answers to some of the most difficult problem people face. One of the most common reasons why people seek counseling is because of self-destructive behavior that seems to be controlling their lives. As a Christian I know that this “self-destructive behavior” is called sin. Ultimately the only thing that can truly give them freedom is Christ. A secular

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