Reflection Paper On Personal Values

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As we discussed in this class values are “specific elements of desirability, worth, importance, or whatever a group or person feels is important” (09.26.17). The personal values that I have chosen to discuss for this paper are autonomy, kindness, honesty, and happiness. If I were to list these values from highest importance to least, it would begin with happiness, followed by kindness, honesty and lastly autonomy.
There are different types of values which are intrinsic and non-intrinsic. Intrinsic values refer to values that are good in themselves and non-intrinsic values are values that are good for what they can get us. My chosen values are all except one non-intrinsic (the only intrinsic value being happiness). The reasoning behind why I classify four of these values as non-intrinsic makes me appear to be quite a selfish person as I begin to determine why I hold these values so close to me as I do.
An example of how my non-intrinsic values make me seem like a selfish person is my second personal value which is kindness. As I began to think about why I value kindness, I came to the conclusion that it is because I want to obtain things from other people. Before taking this course and actually thinking about why I value kindness, I thought that I was (in my opinion) a kind hearted person was simply due to my innate personality and that being kind was just how I was, that there was not real explanation as to why I valued it at all.

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