Reflection Paper On Physical Therapy

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As an Athletic Training major, completing clinical rotations since my freshman year, I work with student athletes to provide injury evaluation and management, emergency care, and rehabilitation in order to help them return to play at peak performance. During my Freshman year, I realized that the rehabilitation portion of Athletic Training was my favorite part of my studies. I realized that I want to work with a wider range of patients helping them to improve their ability to move and function. During sophomore year, I began completing physical therapy observation hours. I have seen physical therapists in four different settings. Each has shown me diverse aspects of the field as well as demonstrated the importance of professionalism in both the DPT student and the practitioner.
One of the most important aspects of professionalism as a student in a physical therapy degree program is the ability to communicate effectively. Through my observation hours, I have seen the necessity of clear communication between physical therapists, other healthcare practitioners, and patients. Physical therapists often work in conjunction with other healthcare providers, such as surgeons, physicians, or other specialists. Goals for a patient must be clearly identified and coincide with the goals of the other clinicians. Establishing effective written communication skills is essential. Proper documentation of services provided is needed for billing purposes, legal records, and for communicating
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