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Reflecting about what I think and talk about most often, usually consists of politics and my future. I often think and talk about politics because I want others to be aware of the pressing issues in society, I am concerned about politics and I have a desire to learn about what shapes my political beliefs. As a political science major, I discuss politics with pretty much anyone who wants to listen because it is important for everyone to have a basic understanding about government and the issues in society. our current political system, I a generally concerned about the lasting effects of the current administration on the future of the United States. In many of my classes, my professors remind me of the issues that plague our country which…show more content…
While I would love to plan my future, I understand that God is the writer of my life story. Once I have faith in God to take hold the reigns of my life, only then can I be truly happy and satisfied. Optimistically speaking, I am excited about what the future holds and what I can do to make a lasting difference in the world.

Typically, my time is spent either working on schoolwork or going on adventures with friends. The fact that I spend a large amount of time doing homework shows, in terms of my worldview, that; I value my education, I do not want to let my family down and that I have a passion to learn. My father is a fifth-grade teacher so from an early age I had been taught to value my education. Since education was clearly something that my father valued, I adopted his value as my own and even his expectations. At times, my friends and family do not understand why I am stressed out all the time. Over the years, I developed an innate skill of putting a ton of pressure on myself to do well. Ever since I can remember, I have had a passion to learn about social sciences and history. Being at Whitworth, I am surrounded by people who have a passion to learn which makes me a better student. At times, I give up. But my friends push me to keep going and pursue my passion. Like most students, I place a high priority on doing schoolwork even if that means staying up past midnight to complete it. At this point in my life, my real purpose is to study and achieve

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