Reflection Paper On Project Management

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1. Courses I Am Taking This Quarter –
In the first quarter I am enrolled for the hybrid course Project Management BA63177 H3 (Instructor name is Dr. Eric S. Harter) and will be taking the Information technology from January 2018 in the same semester. I requested for this plan because of my marriage in November 25th 2017. Thanks for being flexible in timely manner.
2. Link outcomes from my 1st course to My Workplace –
They Items I learnt and liked something interesting in the course , some of them are listed below enterprise performance management, project monitoring ,project planning, and project management. The enterprise performance management is it kind of framework for organizing analyzing the business and this process used to rule the overall performance of the system. It is also helpful in the work environment for driving the unified set of object into planning monitoring executing the deliverables. It also improves the financial operations with efficient results. The most important term in the course is project management which is the root of organizing and managing a project from scratch to the completion of any project. Project manager role is important for any successful completion of the project. The rules and responsibilities of the resources could be decided by the manager. Manager is ideally responsible for making big decisions in the project. Scheduling the project is another important aspect which adds the value to the project and provides the commitments. Initial stuff is planning which defines the needs of the project and designs, define how to move forward with the project. This also includes gathering the right resources for the right task and at the right time. The project manager should be qualified enough to get the tasks or projects delivered in time.
In my job I have observed some of the concepts that I have learned in this course such as I have been introduced to my project manager, so he has gathered the technical skills information from me and analyzed in all perspectives and assigned me to the right project under the supervision of another manager who is dedicated to that project. There I have observed how the
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