Reflection Paper On Psychology And Psychology

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For my final project, I interviewed a professional with PhD in Psychology. However, the person I interviewed did not pursue a psychology job afterwards. Instead, he decided to pursue a job in the IT technological field. Throughout the interview, I asked questions about the hardships and dedication towards the Psychology field. Before summarizing the interview, I also decided to ask my Aunt, who graduated with her Bachelor 's degree in Psychology in Minnesota State University, Mankato.
During the interview with my Aunt, I asked what she wanted to do and why she did not pursue Psychology any further. Her response was shocking yet understanding. Due to giving birth to her first son in college, her mindset and vision of the future changed. She responded, "I wanted to become a Clinical Psychologist. However, in the long run, it wouldn 't had been worth pursuing the Psychology field when you have a child onboard your journey. When you have your first child, your whole future changes and you must also change the way you view your life. All I could think about during that time was my son 's health, nurturing him, and also begin working as soon as possible to provide for my son". As I heard her responses, I understood her and the decisions she had gone through. From listening to the guest speakers in class, the field of Psychology for Clinical Psychologist has years of studying. One guest speaker said you will have no time to have a job and you will always be studying. Then, I

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