Reflection Paper On Psychology

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While completing the readings for this reflection paper, I found myself thinking just how important it is to obtain knowledge of one's history. I believe it is essential as it allows one to develop a more profound understanding and appreciation of each other as well as their work. Wilhelm Wundt was a very renowned human being affectionately credited as the founder of psychology as a science. He was quite inspirational, possessed an inquisitive mind, and believed in proving phenomena using experiments. It therefore comes as no surprise that he was the first to establish a formal experimental laboratory in the field of psychology. This accomplishment, of course, was primarily influenced by Hermon von Helmholtz and Gustav Fechner through their research on the measurement of reaction time and the idea of psychology as an experimental psychology respectively. Wundt's research was done through introspection a term more formally described as an experimental self-observation in which individuals own thoughts and feelings are carefully examined objectively.
Blumenthal (1975) in his article described the work of Wilhelm Wundt and evaluated its relevance to psychology in the 20th century. The author argues that Wundtian psychology was predominantly based on the tenet that “only certain reality is immediate experience” (p. 1081). The use of the terms “immediate” and “mediate” were fundamental to Wundt’s work and were essential to his introspective experiments. Immediate, he argued, was
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