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The Reflection of Me As look back on this class, I have realized just how much my writing has improved since the beginning of the quarter and the first big assignment. I kind of went from being a writer that really didn’t understand how to correctly write a good essay. To a person who also went from being a writer that was not very confident in her work and one who over thought everything into a person who kind of found her own kind of writing style. Who can quickly and effectively write an essay( also including revision as well ).This portfolio was made so that I can show off what i have learned from this class, and show off just how much I have improved as a writer.The work that I’m going to be showing, is work that I have made some…show more content…
However there are also things that I realized works well for me in my writing. Unlike what I thought in the beginning of the quarter, I write much better when I make a general outline and write out the paper without correcting myself as I go.
Which is a really good thing to do because each essay that is in the portfolio, are all different type of essay with different components that you are suppose to be included in the essay. For an Example, first essay I did was “Explanatory synthesis essay,which was over Obedience and its role in our society. This is essay is called,”Understanding Obedience role in society”(Essay 1).We had to identify relationships among sources so that readers can gain better understanding of key terminologies,philosophies and ideologies for a specific topic.Which should include a clearly stated thesis and follow an organizational structure discussed in class. I started my thesis by saying,”Today’s community of people allow authority to decide where all rules and order are followed through things like social pressure,acts of violence, and unfair application of laws, which turns people toward not obeying rules”(“Introduction”).However, my instructor suggested to add specific details to grab the reader's attention,also that my thesis was good but I needed to clarify my thesis. So

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