Reflection Paper On Reflective Teaching

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Reflection Paper: Reflective Teaching It’s not easy for every person in the teaching filed to be a good and professional teacher without working hard on adjusting and being able to change and use different methods in teaching that they have not used. As a person who wants to be a great teacher in the future, I find that using different methods of teaching and being able to reflect on my teaching by trying new ways of teaching and getting feedback from my colleagues and my students are essential points that I should keep in mind and accept it. However, there are many teachers use the traditional ways of teaching and are not able to adjust or deal with new ideas. Perhaps, they don’t have strategies to follow up and help them to reflect their own teaching or they are not willing to change. According to the article that I have read which about reflective teaching as a strategy for teacher growth, there are four steps that teachers can follow to get feedback from professional experienced teachers. In this paper, I am going to write a brief summary of the article that I have read about reflective teaching, analyze the greatness and weakness points, and then synthesize my thoughts about the article. Reflective practice or teaching is a one way that aims to improve and develop the teaching methods that teachers use to teach. Some teachers have professional experienced in teaching because they have different approaches to teaching, while, others have no idea about reflective
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