Reflection Paper On Religion

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Connecting The Dots In this World religion class I've learned a lot. I knew a bit about christianity, but most of the other religions I had heard of, but I've never seen how religions differ and coexist. Most people tend to believe in a higher power and this course has taught me that there are so many ways people look at “God’ and ways to worship. I learned that religion is never static but changes overtime to adapt to modernity. This religious course has helped me to view things differently. Although I am not a very religious person I was accustomed to christianity and felt as if it was the right religion and all others were wrong, because how could there be more than one right religion. After this course I tend to see things differently. The course showed me that all types of people celebrate and worship in different ways and that there will never be a right religion. It has shown me that we should respect all religions. With all that said, I believe christian is the right religion for me because in some other religions like Buddhism, they believe in no soul and it would be hard for me to accept a religion that didn’t believe humans have souls. I also couldn't agree or be a follower of African religions because I don’t think people who die can help lead you spiritually.
The course showed me how people across the world are alike when it comes to religion, but at the same time very different.. Everybody that is part of a religion has one common goal which is some
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