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Chronic Disease Analytical Reflection Paper Introduction to Restless Leg Syndrome Willis-Ekbom Disease, commonly referred to as restless leg syndrome is a disorder of the nervous sensory system that causes an uncomfortable urge to move the legs as defined by Sales, Sanghera, Klocko, and Malcom (2016). These symptoms are majorly observed in the evening or during nighttime when one assumes a resting position in bed. Consequently, they cause difficulties in falling asleep. The interference in sleep makes resting leg syndrome be classified as a sleep disorder. The symptom of resting leg syndrome may also appear when one is undertaking a long rest during the day, travelling or even watching a movie (NIH, 2017). Movement or any leg activity is…show more content…
Aesthetic Aspect People with a sedentary lifestyle, mostly the citizens of highly developed countries, are known to take part in activities with less energy requirement and eat fat food. Thus, there rises a need to encourage citizens to do daily exercises to reduce chances of developing sedentary disorders. Socio-political Aspect Alcohol and drug abuse are known to aggravate the symptoms of multifactorial diseases. Washington and Zweber (2008) state that alcohol is known to interfere with the pharmacokinetics, as well as the pharmacodynamics of numerous drugs, including those used in the treatment of diabetes. Reduced effectiveness of the drugs may aggravate the conditions. Finally, alcohol is known to penetrate the blood brain barrier and thus, have an effect on the central nervous system. The governments thus need to tighten laws that discourage citizens against drug usage. Personal Aspect With reduced quality of sleep caused by restless leg syndrome, ethical problems appear, such as lack of concentration at work place, as well as drowsiness during a social gathering. As a result, they may lead to reduced self-esteem of an individual suffering from restless leg syndrome. Ethical Aspect Similarly, hyperactivity brought about by restless leg syndrome may compromise relationship between the patient and his close associates including his workmates or people at his work place,

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