Reflection Paper On Self Awareness

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Today I was apprehensive as it was my first time in a clinical experience. Based on my perspective that cancer ends in death and is full of struggles for the individual, I began feeling very depressed when meeting each patient. I began to realize this is the case as two out of the three patients I had met, had cancer and I became very quiet and did not know what to say to them as the nurse was hanging chemotherapy. I have hope that as time goes on I will learn how to overcome this belief and have experiences that will help me in doing this. I was also quiet because I could feel that I did not want to say or do something wrong that would alter the patients’ or nurses’ view of my competency. I also felt overwhelmed by the amount of information I had to take in coupled with the anxiety I was having about potentially having to do this by myself in the future. I realize that this is a normal fear and will go away as time goes on however, it was definitely at the forefront of my mind during the experience.

One particular patient that stands out in my mind was one that had chronic asthma coupled with severe depression and anxiety. When it was time for her morning medications, the nurse and I went in and I could immediately tell she was having a rough time. She looked quite young was and quiet however, made it known when she did not like something. For instance, when giving her morning meds, she made it known that “coffee [wasn’t] the hospital’s strong…
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