Reflection Paper On Self Awareness

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The IAT self-awareness reflection paper will discuss personal reactions to the results of the exercise. It will also reflect on personal development towards being culturally competent counselor and the areas of growth. In addition, the paper will identify certain techniques to improvise counseling with LGBTQI+ clients. Reactions: My result of the IAT self-awareness test showed slight preference towards the straight people over gay people. Although the test results showed slight preference towards the straight people over gay people, I wondered about the validity of the test. Some IAT test results have been inaccurate and I wondered if little to no preference to straight people would make me a perfect counselor for LGBTQI+ clients? Would…show more content…
It seemed to me that community would value creativity, freedom, liberty, and justice. Before I read chapters, it appeared that my understanding towards building relationships and connections was unitary. Unfortunately, the flow of love, kindness, and compassion for some people may be prejudiced. It was disheartening to read about discrimination, and lack of freedom, liberty and justice towards LGBTQI+ people. It is a sad demise of a portion of society that disregards autonomy, justice, and integrity for all. According to Ginicola, Smith, Filmore, and Joel M. (2017), “Proponents of the liberty laws do not see that the laws are allowing discrimination while taking liberty and freedom away from others” (p. 13). Therefore, it is important for me to advocate for the LGBTQI+ people in counseling and be their ally. The readings helped in raising my consciousness and building awareness about the consequences of discrimination on mental health of the LGBTQI+ people. I learned that certain religious beliefs and structure of the family might manifest shame and guilt in the person with “variant gender” (p. 13). It was a humbling experience to be aware and generate cognitive shift for advocating for the human rights of the LGBTQI+ people. As a counselor, I learned to be an ally who not only advocates for the Minority rights, but also empowers the gender and affection orientation of the LGBTQI+ people. It is important to me to
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