Reflection Paper On Self Check

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Every day I perform a self-check on myself. I change my routines up, and I always keep a close watch on my surroundings. I used to leave doors open when I would go directly in and out of my home, but there is too much crime that takes place to trust people. Any place that used to be a “hot spot” have been turned into open view areas. The impractical thing I could ever do is let someone let me be victimized again, especially when I know not to leave doors unlocked. The one person who has never left me, and that is God. We have an open door policy.

At one time in my life, I took everything for granted because I never had any altercations with anyone until one morning I decided I would do some spring cleaning before I went to class. Due to my negligence, I did not lock the door to my house nor to my shop. When I returned back to my work shop, I became what criminal justice defines as a “victim”. Through a lot of counseling and learning I could not run anymore, I can tell others how to be careful. However, I’m particular with whom I talk. Since I moved back to Mississippi, I am careful in every aspect of my life. I knew what I had to do in order to reduce the risk of being attacked, and especially protect my grandchildren. Every day I change my pattern; especially when I travel. Although I used to travel the backroads, they are history. I may have to take a detour periodically, but my husband knows my whereabouts all the time. I also have a tracking device on both of our
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