Reflection Paper On Simulation

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Today was my last day of simulation lab. I was feeling a little sad, however, excited that I am almost graduating. Every first week or a week before the new term starts, I always check my email from school administration to see if I received an email for my day(s) to attend simulation. I always dread checking my email. I get anxious and somewhat having a panic attacks when I get the email of my simulation day. I remember picking up my uniform and attending my simulation for the first time. I was nervous and did not know what to do. Some students were very confident during Fundamental class, but I was not sure what simulation is. I did my first head to toe assessment and seeing my QSEN paper of what I did and did not do correctly, I wanted to cry. I saw my video for the first time and looking back now I felt like I did not know anything. I did not know how to ask about Pain, or how to describe the assessment of each system. Yes, the information of head to toe assessment was explained during skills, but I did not understand especially when I did not have any medical background. Another day of simulation that I went was during mental health. It was a very challenging simulation. It was difficult for me to carry on the questions and the therapeutic communication with the patient because the patient I had she did not really answer my questions. I was not sure on how to move forward of what to ask next. I did learn a lot from that scenario because during the briefing session,
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