Reflection Paper On Social Work

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When working in an internship capacity in a local organization to help people with alcohol and drug addiction, I was assigned to work with a 28-year-old male from an African American community. Since it was my third involvement in a direct practice, I was confident of providing the best care possible to help the client by addressing the internal and external factors contributing to the behavior. However, our first encounter was not only devastating but also discouraging. The program supervisor called me to meet the client that I would be working with for the next three months of my internship. After the introduction, the client asked strategic questions that questioned my abilities, the reputation of the agency, and expressed his doubt in the success of the intervention. The meeting left me distressed and wondering about the best approach to handle the client and ensure a productive intervention. Accordingly, I sought counsel from a friend who is a social worker in the medical field who has practiced for five years. Feelings Before, During, and After the Experience Before seeking for help, I felt vulnerable and incapable of helping the client solve the problem. Although I had successfully assisted two clients before, the client questioning my skills and perception of the program as a waste of time was discouraging. In addition, his racial comments and stereotypes amplified the feeling of hopelessness. I felt a significant barrier between us, and a feeling of withdrawal
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