Reflection Paper On Social Work

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The social work profession is guided by ethical principles and values that help to ensure that social workers promote social justice and social change. Though I am not officially a social worker, I can attest that many of the work experiences I have gained over the years provided exposure to social work core values whether directly or indirectly. These work experiences prepared me to work with individuals from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds. I have also worked with individuals who have struggled with disabilities, financial hardship, and mental health issues. As a live-in support at Jay Nolan Community Services (JNCS), I worked directly with individuals who struggle with Autism and other developmental disabilities. In supporting JNCS’s mission of enabling individuals with developmental disabilities to lead fulfilling lives as members of the community, I worked as part of a multidisciplinary team to ensure that the dignity and worth of each client is respected. This job opportunity allowed me to develop individualized case plans and behavioral programs based on each client’s unique needs. Each day, I helped clients identify triggers, address past trauma, and develop positive coping skills to deal with limitations. My ability to communicate in American Sign Language (ASL) was beneficial in this role as it enabled me to work with clients who were deemed non-verbal. Using ASL, I helped these clients to identify healthy coping skills to reduce escalated behaviors and was
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