Reflection Paper On Sociology And Sociology

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As I reflect on sociology 100, I realized that this is truly a course that opens up one 's mind. I admire the fact that this course really going to teach me a lot. I was really scared to take this class because honestly I had no idea what Sociology is? I never took this class but my professor made it easy and he made very clear that how we can keep an A in the class and what he expects from us. The first week of the class was just about the syllabus and what chapter we gonna cover throughout the semester. In total we studied nine chapter. They all helped me a lot to understand the true meaning of sociology and why it is useful. The first chapter was The Social Imagination, The second chapter was Studying the Social World, The third chapter was Social Interaction, The fourth chapter was Social Structure, The Fifth chapter was Culture, Media and Communication, The sixth chapter was Power and Politics, The seventh chapter was Social Stratification, Inequality and Poverty, The eight chapter was Race and Ethnicity and last but not least was Gender and Sexuality. I will just discuss the what I found most interesting, why they are important. First of all What is sociology? Really? I never asked this question to myself until the first day of class. Sociology is the study of "social behavior or society, including its origins, development, organization, networks and institutions." It allows you to go to different paths, it affects how we talk, it helps us to understand what 's going
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