Reflection Paper On Strength Reflection

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My Strengths Reflection Humans have been notorious for judging themselves more harshly than their peers for centuries. When asked what their strengths are, they often cannot look past their weaknesses. In 1998, Donald O. Clifton created the "Clifton StrengthsFinder" assessment to help "millions discover and develop their natural talents" (--------------) therefore giving everyone a chance to answer the ago old question: "What are my strengths?" The Clifton assessment gives its participants a description of their top five strengths, mine being the following: Includer, Woo, Communication, Responsibility, and Empathy. At first glance, I was confused at the results but when I read my summary and soon realized the test had pinned me perfectly. Being an “includer” doesn’t necessarily translate to "popularity" or "faultlessness" but, in my situation, it relates to the lack of these things. At the age of nine, my Dad's job was transferred from Boston, MA to Atlanta, GA. Up north, I was accustomed to having friends and when I began to attend the local elementary school I expected things to be just the same. With a fresh bob and smile on my face, I walked into Bascomb Elementary School confident that my new school would operate no differently than it had before. I was sadly mistaken. Uninvited and not included was the new "normal" but I made up my mind that no other kid ever had to feel as alone as I did. I'll admit I looked different, but so did many of the kids I would
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