Reflection Paper On Structural Family Therapy

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As I Christian, I hold relationships in high esteem because I believe that relationships have the potential to highlight God’s glory in a unique way. I agree with S. J. Grenz (2002) that “the image of Cod does not lie in the individual per se, but in the relationality of persons in community” (p. 54). I believe that Satan knows this truth and attacks relationships in order to ruin God’s glory. In my opinion, this is evident by the amount of pain that occurs in relationships. I desire to bring glory to God with the career that I have chosen, and I believe that family therapy provides a special opportunity. Susan Johnson and J. A. Makinen have demonstrated in a study on the role of forgiveness and reconciliation in repairing severe…show more content…
However, it is not merely because I accidentally became exposed to the model as I found an internship that I come to favor this model over others that I have been learning about in this course. I like Structural Family Therapy because it is very relevant and practical with the families that I have encountered. For example, a major goal of Structural Family therapy is to help “families to identify and alter maladaptive family systems or interaction processes, such as transgenerational coalitions, scapegoating, triangulations, and so forth (Barkley, Guevremont, Anastopoulos, & Fletcher, 1992, p. 452). In my work as a family based therapist, it has been easy to observe that these dynamics are common in distressed families and I have seen how damaging they are to individuals and to the family as well. However, through Structural Family Therapy interventions such as enactments, unbalancing, intensity raising, these patterns can be shifted (Minuchin, & Fishman, 1981). Furthermore, Structural family therapy has been continuing to adapt to the challenges of the twenty-first century (McAdams et al, 2016) and that additionally makes it a very appealing model.
In my current counseling context, using Structural Family Therapy is already occurring, and I am currently pursuing a certification in this model, having completed one year and a half of the three year
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