Reflection Paper On Swimming

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I like most young children dreamt of being a star athlete. When I joined the summer swim team in the summer before sixth grade year, I had goals of making it to state and breaking records. The problem was that I was built nothing like a swimmer. I was short, chubby, and lacking the long arms and legs of most swimmers. Nevertheless, I gave swimming all I had, and with the help of my coach I began to improve. The improvements I made gave me a hope that maybe one day I would be the fastest swimmer on my team. The years ticked by, as middle school rolled into high school, and I was still swimming. Only, now I had joined the Lamar High School girls Swim Team. Freshman year was exciting and my dream of one day breaking school records was still alive. However, as freshman year turned into sophomore, the dream was dying and reality had set in. I would never become more than average swimmer, at best. I began to question why I was even on the team. I rarely scored points, I never medaled, and my goal of going to state was no longer reachable. By the time I reached senior I was ready for the season to be over so, I could put swimming behind me. Then one day at the end of my season I had an experience that changed my whole view, and I realized that I was a valuable part of our team, but not in the way I expected. This experienced not only changed the way I viewed myself, but also the way I viewed others. Despite my feelings of not belonging, swimming was my passion. Most days I asked
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