Reflection Paper On Thanksgiving

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Every Year exactly one week before thanksgiving my entire family comes over for dinner at our house. We all sit down and eat thanksgiving food while we talk about our plans for the rest of the year. Most of my family look alike, they all have brown hair and brown eyes. My brother, Brandon, and I were an exception, we have green eyes and long dark brown hair, I never thought about it too much, my mom always told us that we were special. As we enjoyed our dinner and laughed lightning struck and the power went out. “Everyone stay calm,” my mom said in the room of complete silence. There was a gleaming light under the table, I reached out to touch it, do to my curiosity. As my hand approached the light the power came back on.
I was staring at the exact place where the light appeared when my aunt called after my dad, “Mike! Mike! Where are you!,” everyone in the room began to panick. My mom didn’t seem worried that my dad was miraculously missing. “Dinner is over everyone! Not to worry Mike is upstairs right now enjoying a nap, it was great seeing you all have a nice night,” Everyone calmed down to the sound of my mom’s soothing voice. Everyone began to get up and leave one by one. My mom closed the door behind everyone and turned around, her face quickly transformed to the way everyone reacted when they though my dad was missing. “What’s wrong mom, is everything ok,” I asked genuinely afraid of the answer.
“Mom!,” Brandon joined in on my fear.
“I need you guys to listen
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