Reflection Paper On The American Nurses Association Defines Accountability

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The American Nurses Association defines accountability as “to be answerable to oneself and others for one’s own actions.” Accountability is part of nursing and it is important for the nurses to recognize the importance of being accountable (Battie & Steelman, 2014).
As nurses we accept the responsibility of caring for the patient therefore, we have to be hold accountable for the care that we provide. It is important for nurses to use their own judgement in accepting responsibility, when to seek consultation and when and what to delegate to others. According to Battie & Steelam (2014), “a prospective nurse should hold themselves accountable for patient advocacy, continuity of care, lifelong learning, to colleagues, the nursing profession, and their organization”.
Purpose Statement The purpose of this paper is to reflect on a situation when I was accountable for a situation. I decided to write about a situation when I try to be accountable for advocacy of my patient.
Accountability Reflection During my last Adult II clinical I was taking care of a 41 year male who was admitted with tachycardia and lightheadedness. During my clinical the patient temperature was: 102°F at 0800 am, 98.6°F at 1000 am and 101°F by 1300 pm. His WBC count was 8,000mcL which was within normal limits. However, he had left shift of his white blood cells, which indicated a high number of immature white cells. In his chart I could not figure out what would be causing the left shift

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