Reflection Paper On The Family

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Family collaborations are a major influence in how a child with disabilities contracts the things needed to prosper. Disabilities can affect a child and how interactions occur, however a good support system for families can alter the results. I chose a family for the purpose of the family study based on the disorder of one of the children. Anna, has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. I understood before the interview that Down syndrome was a genetic disorder. I have taught students who also had the diagnosis and have seen some were very high and some were very low functioning. I had become familiar with Anna’s family through a program in our county and I approached her mother to possibly set up a meeting to speak to her about her daughters’ diagnosis and how it affects the family. Anna’s mother was very accepting and willing to assist with the study, inviting me into their home, and a meeting was set.
Upon my arrival at the home of Anna, her Mom and two sisters, they were enjoying the beautiful Saturday in October. The actual date was October twenty eighth. The house was festively decorated for fall and the upcoming Halloween holiday. The house was in a rural area with no close neighbors and the four girls were waiting on the porch as I drove up. I had met Anna a couple of times previously, so she was aware of who I was and that I was coming to talk to her. Anna can speak for herself and I was anticipating an interview that had many different perspectives. I felt very

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