Reflection Paper On The Interview Process

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Assignment 3- Reflecting on the interview process Reflexivity involves being able to think critically about the self and others research work, with a robust and open curiosity about how we find ourselves situated in events and interprets the behaviour of other people and ourselves (Coles, 1992). This is a reflexive paper of an interview experience of some general people about their knowledge regarding Aboriginal community’s health issue. There is a little research on how general people are aware about Aboriginal community’s health and their wellbeing. Face to face interview with these three people I interviewed, made me aware of the participants’ vulnerability, also my own weakness of asking questions and interviewed them properly. As the interviewed progressed I realized how much lacking I have about taking interview from people and how much l need to know more about this process. Three persons were interviewed over approximately one or two hours each and they were relatively happy to be interviewed. As this is a short research work about seeking people’s perceptions of the key issues in Indigenous health, does not get much information about people’s knowledge. On the basis of the interview describes the reflexivity of the interview process to explain how the interviewer and interviewee’s experience has influenced in the research work. In qualitative research, it requires us to enter the participant’s word to word taking, to listen to their stories and co-create knowledge

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