Reflection Paper On The Journey To Virginia

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Starting next week my brother and I are traveling from our home in England all the way to Virginia. My mom is convincing me to go on this journey because I will have a better opportunity in the new World regarding religion. To be honest I am not sure how I will have an opportunity without my parents. I cried a lot when she first told me but she kept telling me I am brave and my protective brother will look out for me. This is a very big risk but I am feeling confident even though I'm leaving my neighborhood that I have gotten used to my whole life. Also leaving behind my friends which won’t be easy. Thinking about my friends i think that will be the hardest thing to leave behind. I am not sure why they aren’t going on this journey as well but it's not my business to ask because everyone's reasons for going to the new world are different. From what I remember my mom telling me, we will be traveling on the Mayflower with a lot of other people, kids, and possibly families. Looking on the bright side though, it should be interesting seeing new and unseen different parts of the world. There are so many different possible situations circling through my head right now, I just really am hoping nothing goes wrong on the way there.

September 6th

The day has come, today is the day my brother and I are setting out on our journey to Virginia. Thanks the nerves building up inside me I got up very early this morning i was able to scramble around my house picking up every last thing
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