Reflection Paper On The Movie Fireproof

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Fireproof movie review

The movie Fireproof is a Christian drama starring Kirk Cameron who plays Caleb Holt.

Caleb is a Fire Captain who is married to Catherine Holt. Catherine and Caleb’s marriage meets

a crossroad when the two decide to get a divorce. Catherine is tired of Caleb spending time and

money on frivolous things, when her mother needs medical equipment after suffering a stroke.

Caleb is feeling burned out, everyone thinks he is a hero but his own wife as he demands respect

from her. This movie covers some of the challenges many people experience in marriage and

the sacrifices it takes to repair them. When Caleb’s father finds out the news he challenges his

son to hold off on the divorce and wait 40 days. Caleb’s father sends him a book in the mail

called The Love Dare, this book has a challenge every day for 40 days along with applicable

scripture from the Bible. The idea behind the book is to commit an act of kindness every day for

40 days.

The plot revolves around Caleb and Catherine’s work lives. Caleb is a Fire Captain who

saves lives as a firefighter and lives by the code to never leave your partner behind. He puts his

life in danger to save other people, to himself he is not a bad person. Catherine works as a

hospital administrator who is overwhelmed by a full time job, house chores and a sick mother.

She feels undervalued and degraded by some of Caleb’s behavior in his private time. The two

finally reach a breaking point
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