Reflection Paper On The Movie John Q

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In today society, many people have health insurance or health care through the company where they work. Depending on the company policy some workers as full time receive a full coverage of health insurance. On the other hand, those as part time receive half or nothing at all. The communication between the health provider and workers about health insurance sometimes end with an enormous problem. Because what the company told the beneficiary and the health providers’ policy are totally different. But having health insurance is very important because uninsured people receive slighter medical care. It is significant to have one because in life, no one concoct to get sick or hurt. It is not something that a person wants to happen. But the…show more content…
They were struggling to make ends meet even his wife’s car was resumed, but they led a happy life.
One day, John and his wife were at the baseball game watching their son playing and suddenly, he fainted on the field. They rushed and took Michael to the hospital where they could found a better assistance. Several of tests were done at the hospital. Then, Michal’s parents were informed by the hospital’s administrators named Turner and Payne that their son had a heart issue, and he is going to die without heart transplant. The procedure of the transplant was very expensive nearly $250,000 with a down payment of 30%. This requirement was to get Michael’s name on the organ (heart) beneficiary list. John was not afraid for him he was insured therefore his medical coverage could cover the costs. But after looking through his health insurance policy, the new policy that he possesses could not cover the surgery.
To come up with the money, the family sold all their belonging to raise money and save their child’s life. But they could not get the total amount and progressively Michael condition got worse. After a while, the hospital decided to release John’s son and let him die at home. In this unacceptable condition and hopeless, John took matter into his own hands. He went to the hospital with a handgun, took the staff and patients hostages in hope of finding a way to save his son’s life. John fought for his son’s life.
Everyday some

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