Reflection Paper On The Outsiders

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When meeting with Katie and Daniel, Katie told me that “I am so thankful that I have already been baptized and do not have worry about all the extra hurdles that I would have had to go through. There’s already a ton of stuff to do before the wedding, and that would have just added to it. Already being Christian has definitely helped me throughout this converting process”. Jeff and Kristi both shared similar sentiments. Jeff discussed how even though he was not raised Catholic, he had this unconscious connection, “I had never put much thought into baptism since I hadn’t kept up with my religion through my teenage years. When I was converting, it became immediately apparent how the process was easier through this invisible connection that I had never realized. Even though I can’t remember being baptized, I’m glad my parents made that decision because it made the conversion process just that more convenient”. The church also emphasizes that the two individuals be baptized before marriage because the couple must vow to live a sacramental marriage within the church. In order to fully commit to the vow of marriage, the church believes that the couple are both baptized. The church also asks that the couple promise to baptize their future children and raise them within the church and teach them Catholicism’s values. Catholic Church Reconciling Outsiders’ Uneasiness:
When coming into a

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