Reflection Paper On ' The Twelve Apostles Of Jesus '

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Juliet Ding Biblical Narrative Ms. Murphy 07 Dec. 2015 Reflection Paper #3 Paul who is originally named as Saul is usually known for being one of the twelve apostles of Jesus and his missionary journeys. He is also often being considered as a good leader, because of his patience. Although Paul suffers a lot when he is spreading the Gospel, he never gives up telling people about Christianity and Jesus’ ideas. Most of his missionaries take places in modern day Greece and Turkey or the surrounding areas. One of the most well-known story from Paul’s missionary journey was the riot in Ephesus. Ephesus is now Turkey, but once upon a time, it was the most major trading centers and a religious center of early Christianity of the ancient world;…show more content…
Some people in Ephesus get offended by Paul’s words, because he basically tells them that what they have always believed in is not true and all the works they do are worthless, but others become Paul’s followers and start to believe in God instead of worshiping Artemis. The commitment of some people in Ephesus scare the rest of the people; they think that their own believe is being threatened. As more and more people begin to become Christians, the number of people who keep their faith in Artemis is decreasing swiftly. Demetrius who says all the words to people makes images of the goddess Diana and sells them to the people for a living. Paul’s arrival and the increasing popularity of Christianity is a threat to his business, because since less people worship Artemis, less people buy his products. For his own benefit, Demetrius gathers the people who are anti- Paul and they “fight” against Paul together. Instead of really fighting brutally with each other, they begin shouting, "Great is Diana of the Ephesians" out loud wherever they go. More and more Ephesians join them and shout with them after seeing their movements. However, some of them do not even know why they are shouting; they do it only because everyone else is shouting, so they just follow the people. Paul is shocked by the crowd and their action, and he decides to find an opportunity to communicate with the crowd and to try to calm them down. He does not want people to get hurt and he comes to Ephesus in
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