Reflection Paper On The United States Health Care System

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REFLECTION PAPER As an international student, this complete semester is a great learning experience for me. Various things I have learned in this four month period such as education system in the USA, learning and teaching culture in GVSU, last but not least United States health care system. Before enrolling for this course, I thought I would assimilate what makes USA healthcare system one of the best in the world. To my surprise, I learn more about why it is struggling in some aspects and how can we improve. Both India and USA attempting to fortify their health care system and approaching towards universal health coverage plan. Working as a medical professional back in my country permitted me to comprehend this entire semester by comparing healthcare back in my country and the USA. The thing which excites me more is to see the other side of the health sector, functioning as a dental practitioner never gave me such an open door in past. Learning this course really matters because things are working outside the doctor’s cabin are really very intricate and to run a healthcare setup effectively is extremely challenging and need an extensive knowledge and skills and everybody need to perform their respective roles. Albeit everything is new for me initially however the thing which I felt new is the way to manage this diverse class by forming a group on first day whose each member is different than other, by perfectly united them as per their reasoning
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