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Interviewee: ...I really don 't prefer to work in CEPEP, the money little bit, little bit, but with my children the time is good, if I had regular work from morning to evening I might not manage to take them to school and do my work before I pick them up in the evening. Interviewee: Once I try out something with this teacher when I finish on de road I would go by dem with this woman, I had to cook and clean and when the week done is little bit ah money. I end up leave it. Interviewer: So if she paid you more than DEWD, would you have stayed? Interviewee: I would have stayed for a little bit, but I wud have still gone back to DEWD because at the end of de day I would still have to take care of dem children and help me mudda, I try to put them first These two excerpts capture the voices of two households dependent on both the economic and domestic labour of two women within Trinidad and Tobago’s Special Employment Programmes[ Much of the historical and contemporary literature describes SEPs in the pejorative as "make-work," a term not welcomed by some of those interviewed. Therefore, unless referring directly to the literature I shall refer to these programmes as "provisional labour" henceforth.] (SEPs). Their voices share with us the attitudes and everyday rationale of poor, marginally employed mothers who are caught within the cycle of long days, short nights, low wages and the responsibility of maintaining a household. For a variety of reasons, most of these

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