Reflection Paper On Titanic

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Today I chose to watch “Titanic” for the very first time. I chose to watch “Titanic, because I wanted to know what the movie was really about, maybe I might like the movie. Actually watching the movie gives you another perspective than just knowing what the setting and theme is about. Many people looked at me like I was crazy, when I said “I had never watched “Titanic”, and wanted to finally watch it, and see if I actually would like, so I gave it a chance. My one regret is coming into the movie hating it and not wanting to enjoy it. I thought that the movie was going to be the worst three hours of my life, I will never make that mistake coming into a movie already hating it before I even watched it.

I watched the movie on my laptop in my room alone. My experience during the movie was actually really nice and surprisingly I didn't hate the movie like I said I would. It was a very entertaining movie and
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I honestly thought I was going to hate the movie and in the beginning I did hate it a lot, it was very hard to watch and boring, but as the movie went on it got better and better, because I finally gave the movie a chance. One way or another I had to watch the movie and I am satisfied that I watched it…show more content…
We first walked around the park for a little while to see what was around and we found a great place to climb and walk around for some time. We walked around for most of the hike, because we wanted to enjoy the nature and wanted to enjoy every second of it. Brianna was the only person that came with me and she was very interested in the hike and the nature as much as I was. She enjoyed it very much and was happy that we went on the
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