Reflection Paper On Understanding My Life

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Understanding My Life
We all have a life full of stories with good and bad moments, many of which we are proud of and others we wish we could erase. Something we all have the potential to do but not everyone can is not let mistakes or obstacles break us. We have obstacles since the moment we take our first breath but we also have the ability to defeat them. The turning point in my life was recovering after my anxiety attacks had taken the best of me.
Ever since I was born I’ve had heart problems but, they were able to be maintained under control. Unfortunately two years ago I was told my heart murmur was becoming a problem but with the correct medication, everything would be okay. I tried to pretend nothing was wrong and I wanted to continue following my regular schedule but I ended up overworking myself. Even though after following up with my cardiologist and being told I was okay I didn’t feel right.
There were times when I would try to breathe but no matter how hard I tried it felt like I was standing in a room with no oxygen. My chest pain reached a point to where I was feeling as if I had been stabbed. There was nothing I could do but cry. I went to the doctor but there was nothing wrong, my heart problems were under control but my body made it seem like they weren't.
A major factor for my anxiety was the pressure I felt from the judgment of other people. Growing up I didn’t exactly have the best experience with other kids. I would get judged because of my weight all
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