Reflection Paper On University Students

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University Adjustments: A Reflection paper by Diate, Kim P. (BSEd-Physics)
Changing environment and adapting to wider responsibility is one of the numerous challenges faced by university students. College life can be considered an important transition period where an individual experience various new things for the first time, for instance new pattern of life style, liberation to foreign cultures, roommates, colleagues and even meeting people of different perspectives [5]. The adjustment expands from communicating with new peers and colleague up to academic and time management. The university environment calls for adjustments to the students in all aspects. For the students who are actively involved in extra-curricular activities in their high school years will have to do extra-time management so that they can still enjoy activities without putting their academic performance at a critical state. Another very common burden hurdled by students is the budget allocation for both food consumption as well as the daily demands for school projects and requirements.
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Some of the problems in the use of this Online Learning Environment is its inaccessibility sometimes leading student’s failure to attend timed-online quizzes and activities. Most of the supplement activities is done online instead of doing it in the classroom. Another pressing concern that is that students who don’t have an internet access finds this online learning challenging. One of the challenges in flipped classroom is the inconsistency in bridging digital divide. Flipped classroom lack strong provision in cases where the learners don’t have a home technology access [5]. Although there is an internet connection throughout the entire campus, it is not guaranteed that each students has the tool to access it taking into consideration the diverse demographic profiles of the

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