Reflection Paper On Values In Education

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Reflective Paper Rachel Andrews Liberty University November 12, 2017 Reflective Paper The presentation this week, “Values in Education: Where have we been and where are we going” (Teaching Christian Values, EDUC 531), has offered several salient points in support of the importance of teaching Biblical principles in class. Reflectively, the education of virtues begun as far back as 1642, in the Colony of Massachusetts, thereby leading to the Old Deluder Satan Act of 1647. The Deluder Act required towns of a specific dimension to employ educators whose sole obligation imparted knowledge to resident children in order to teach them to read. Moreover, the lack of reading knowledge supposedly contributed to youngsters falling prey to Satan. The Holy Bible out dates this first American Education Act. In fact, the fall of man in Genesis is the initial setting known to man where humans were disobedient to follow basic principles in the Garden of Eden when families were instructed to begin teaching children at home. An American Educator and moral education advocate, Horace Mann wrote that “if every child age 4 through 16 could experience the elevating influence of good schools, then the dark host of private vices and public crimes, which now embitter domestic peace then stain the civilization of the age, might be banished from the world.” (Slide 9) Subsequently, teachers hired in the 19th century were required to include moral lessons as well as Biblical virtues in

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