Reflection Paper On Wellness

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Taking this wellness class has taught me many lessons about life along with some other important topics about wellness. Wellness is the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal with synonyms fitness and health often used in its place. There are eight total of wellness that we talk about in this class. They are physical wellness, mental wellness, social wellness, spiritual wellness, intellectual wellness, environmental wellness, occupational wellness, and financial wellness. Physical wellness include exercise and nutrition. It recognizes the need for regular physical activity, having healthy eating habits, and preventing heart disease, cancers and other disease states. From this session, I learned that how much exercise is important for our daily life. The fact that we have activity days on every Monday has change my life completely. Even though, the exercise period last only for about half an hour, it benefits be by having a small change in my body form, and could focus more in class. I also learned that when I exercise, I tend to well in my class, sleep better, and has more appetite. After learning about nutrition, I change my eating habits by eating more fruits and vegetables. I plan to keep my new eating habit and exercise as much as I could after this class. I am planning to exercise at least three times a week for between half an hours to an hour long. My exercise routine will be the same as what we usually did in class. And as for

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