Reflection Paper On White Bread

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White Bread Reflection Essay Teaching in a multicultural society is difficult, it’s a balancing act, you have to be able to help the students from other cultures be able to easily integrate into a new society and culture, but you also don’t want to make your students from another culture lose their sense of identity. There’s no solid answer for how to maintain both of these at once, it’s incredibly difficult. The fictional novel White Bread by Christine Sleeter shows us how fifth grade teacher Jessica Westerfield attempts to keep this balance while also dealing with a tumultuous marriage and finding herself. I was not a fan of the novel, I thought that it’s lesson was predictable and one that was lacking evidence for it’s actual effectiveness as the book was fictional, although I want to state that I do agree with the lesson in that it is important for students of other cultures to have their cultures be represented in the classroom and not squashed by ours. I would have found the lesson more valuable had the book been more realistic, and had less fluff, such as the flashback chapters to the 19th and early 20th century. The final big complaint I had with the book were the characters, they seemed less human and more corpses on strings putting on a grim masquerade. That being said, I did get sucked into the story, and agree with the message it was trying to convey, however fumbled it was. First, however, I’ll write about the realism. My primary issue with White Bread was
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